Your Best Kept Secret

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stolen moments smothered in between each and every second of frustration
Combined with a tender caress
Nudges away the excruciating pain and struggles of life.
Delighted in the reformation slowly taking place,
I whisper your name ever so loudly.
Each penetrating thrust pinches away each and every silent craving
With a fluttering of my hope and and a vibrating of my passion,
I zigzag through my day
Just for you to be revived from your unbearable withdrawal.
My solemn promise to surge beyond the limited barriers
Diminishes each time.
However, I continue to be entranced by your possession of my femininity.
Wobbling after each invigorating and galvanizing experience,
I crave to be there to caress and hold you with excessive care.
Yet, in silence, I leave holding a splotch of memories as your best kept secret.

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  1. that longing to be recognized as a complete woman in his eyes and not just that secret piece of tail.i can see you have that desire to change from the silent flower to the roaring lioness.

  2. Funny you mentioned the roaring lioness. The background on my Mac is a image of a lion and his lioness, showing compassion and affection.