This is what you need to do

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Open your eyes
Recognize what is in front of you
Stop wishing ou can have me
Ask me to be yours
Allow me to be your divine
Engage my body and my mind
Guide my soul into the arms of your soul
Walk with me
Bathe in the waters of my rivers
Enjoy my sultry kisses
Look into the presence of my thoughts
Tell me your fantasies and your dreams
Swim in my secret pool
Protect my precious heart
Conceive the joy deep down inside
Frost the cake of my life
Bring my mind to have a true mental orgasm
Save me from myself
Give me the irresistible love unknown to others
Flow within the margins of my chaos
Make it possible for me to feel good
Creep within the crevices of my secrets
Come down inside of my womanhood
Hold me like the precious gem I am
Refuse to let me go when I want to leave
Mix all the ingredients I need for my recipe of love
Let me know you are closer than my arms' reach
Smother the unspeakable loneliness
Walk in the meadows of my happiness
Lose yourself within the remnants of prosperity with me
Sleep inside the corners of my warmth
This is what you need to do

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