State of Confusion

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wake me up with your mind calling my name
Let your mind transform me into an oneiric place of peace
A place beyond the abomination of distrust and confusing aversion
Force me to embrace myself inside and out without regret
Check my heart and wrap it in your passion for life
If without any determination of where my strength lies I must regain nothing
I must report nothing
Let nothing restrain me from the arms of your soul
Break away from the predictable and known
Execute the insecurities imposed on me by futile desires
Create a fire that will force me to engage in getting out of my own way
Want me for who I will become and need me for who I am 
Kiss my doubts and fondle them into opportunities of ambitious love
And then...
Introduce me to companionship unheard and unseen
Grasp my love and massage it to unconditional love
Compare my love, my mind, my thoughts, and my essence to no one
Chain my thoughts to the steel of your soul
And never relinquish our unique connection.

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  1. this piece speaks to me of that one person who will eventually come or the one present now.either way the emotion is raw and very directed.nice write!

  2. Raw you think I should expose that more often?