Saturday, June 18, 2011

On top of you I reigned

Inside of me you ruled my kingdom
Your gentleness was not to be matched
Your smooth kisses were not to be forgotten
Yet once the mountaintop was reached 
I was left in awe
Your demeanor did not change
You sat next to me and remained in my arms
How long have I craved for someone 
To gently kiss your forehead just because
I can still fill your gentle, soul-caressing kisses
Bathing in your essence
Perhaps the greatest pleasure of all was feeling
As if I belonged and mattered
Silently I wished that my apprehensions
Would not distract from the very moment
So many uncertainties remain hidden away
Not wanting to be addressed
As I drift away into deep thought I try to 
Force away any thoughts of what could be
I desire to indulge in the possibility of the future
Yet I know it is best to bathe in the now
I refuse to confuse the possibilities with the etchings of my reality

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