Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I haven't really done anything outrageous or extraordinary, but I have a craving to do something that is totally out of the normal for me. After naming several things with a friend, she came up with getting a tattoo. I have always wanted a tattoo since high school of an ankh on my lower back.   The ankh  symbolizes fertility and life. The symbol alone silently possesses unbelievable strength. Yet, I was never brave enough to do it. I was always afraid of the needles and the permanent nature of a tattoo. Tattoo are so permanent and sometimes the permanent concrete nature of things makes me fearful.  Ironically, my level of pain is low, even though I have three children (one of which was natural - no meds FYI). When I had my allergy test, I just knew that a tattoo was OUT OF THE QUESTION>

During a discussion with a friend of mine, tattoos came up, and we discussed them. He didn't have any. Surprisingly, he brought to my attention this scripture:

“You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord.” (Lev. 19:28)
I had "heard" about this verse, but I didn't remember actually reading this.  Seeing the children at my job with tattoos visible EVERYWHERE and yes I mean EVERYWHERE. The interest I have for tattoos are no longer there. When I was growing up, tattoos were private. You had to go on "treasure hunts" to find them on people. Yet, today they are visible behind ears, on necks, fingers, FACES (O_o), ankles, feet, toes... They are no longer exotic as they once were.

Do you have tattoo(s)? How do you feel about a woman having tattoos or a business professional having tattoos? Do you agree or disagree with the verse? This verse if from the old testament. Is this verse applicable now? 

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  1. I often act from a position of what the consequences of my actions are, or if the future will hold it against me. I certainly will be sad if my kids come back home with all sorts of marks permanently printed all over their body. I therefore have none, save for those gotten naturally (I have the cutest scar on my right arm from a fall when I was a kid and a tiny dark birth mark on my right chick). IMO if God thought we needed more colorful designs (perhaps like the peacock or parrot) on our skin I think in his infinite wisdom he would have added them.

    I think most kids get tats just out of peer pressure and many parents who wouldn't want their kids getting them can't do anything about it cos they got one too.

    I don't really see why people get these permanent marks on their bodies just because they think it's cute today. Life has thought me that change is the only constant thing in life, several things I thought cute ten years ago can make me puke today.

    Using the ankh which symbolizes fertility as an example, you are a beauuuuutiful, black woman, with three wonderful kids, intelligent, hard working and full of life ... sweet heart you are a symbol of fertility. The ankh should have you tatted on it and not it on you. Seriously, i think you would be kinda mocking God who made you a beautiful symbol of fertility to go get an ankh tatted just to make you feel good or to let people know that your a beautiful symbol of fertility ... it just don't feel right.

    I do see a lot of people that get things tatted on their bodies that IMO degrades them rather than uplift them. Let's not talk about those who tat ice cream cones on their faces, I mean ... that's just the height of it.

  2. Yes, I have tattoos. I think it all depends on the meaning and reason behind getting a specific tattoo.

  3. I don't see myself getting any tattoos. The thrill of doing something outrageous is only a temporary feeling. In the end, I would probably just regret it. Also, the permanent nature of it actually scares me. I am almost to a point of just being comfortable with the temporary.