Sunday, May 01, 2011

All action is of the mind and the mirror of the mind is the face, its index the eyes - Cicero 

Have you ever looked at someone and just knew what they were thinking, when your eyes met theirs? Sometimes what is left unspoken becomes mirrored in the face of the person, whom you are in a conversation with. Or does it? I teach clients, as well as students, about the importance of eye contact, when speaking with others. I saw this quote and decided that it would be a perfect quote to write a blogpost about.

I know that sometimes what is on my mind can be pronounced by my facial expressions. I can admit that. However, I never considered that my eyes, acting like an index, reflects what is rumbling through my mind. Can your eyes expose joy, pain, happiness, hurt, or fear? Can you eyes speak your feelings, thoughts, emotions, or beliefs? Can you read a person's facial expression and firmly determined exactly what is meant?

Reflect on the last conversation you had. Did you make eye contact with the person continuously, or did you look off periodically?  Eye movement has been used to determine if someone is telling the truth. So thinking about your last conversation, did you pay attention to the eyes of the person you were talking to?

I believe that your facial expressions has the help of your eyes to expose what you are feeling, whether it is fear, hurt, pain, happiness, or joy. I also believe that, depending on whom you are engaged in conversation with, unspoken messages can be dictated through the connection occurring through eye contact.

What do your eyes tell people about you? Are their different messages for different people?

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  1. wow!...we may not have spoken in awhile, but our spirits are def in sync to the season that we're in.....im soo honored and proud of you at the same time....this declaration in this posts is very similiar to the last post I made in Feb: 'Re-authoring my Truth...' you should read it....keep up the transparency and vulnerability in writing...it is healing.


  2. Funny how we are still alike and in sync away from each other! I am going to read it now!