Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." KJV
Today, as I was walking into the main building at my job, I was stopped by a coworker. She asked me about the verse above.  Unfortunately, I know biblical verses, but I cannot quote them directly and often times cannot reference where they are located, which is pitiful, since I was raised in a religious home.  Thanks to my coworker, I was immediately forced to apply this verse to what's going on in my life and apply to what has already occurred in my life. Applicable in all aspects of life (work, school, friendships, and relationships), reflection can help you to conclude the truth in this particular verse.

Have you ever wondered why you and a friend have lost touch? At one point, you were inseparable. Whenever you saw one, you always saw the other.Yet, now you are not as close.  You can't remember a fight or anything in particular that caused any strife.  You only remember that you were once close.

Have you ever tried to rekindle relationships, but things just don't work out?  You can say you tried or even both tried to make things work.  You don't end on bad terms. You just end.

The season for these friendships and relationships are over.  Seasons just come and go. Sometimes you are able to recognize them. Sometimes you just do not recognize them at all. Seasons can be over when we do not want them to be. Sometimes a season lasts longer than we may want them to last.  Really you just have to go with the flow.

Seasons allow us to hurt. Seasons allow us to heal. My marriage was a season, and now that season is over.  My past jobs were part of various seasons. Those seasons are now over. Friendships, which I once thrived off of their existence, were only for a season. Living in a house was a season. Getting my degrees was a part of a season. Having children was a certain season.

Ironically,  my eyes have been set on future seasons.  I am looking forward to new seasons in my life.  Yet, before I can begin to look forward to new seasons, I really need to deal with my current season.  Unfortunately, I am finding difficulty in dealing with my current season. I  feel like I am in an "in-between season" with a combination of hurting and healing.  I know I can't get past this season without actually embracing the hurt and the pain.  Wanting to rush through this season on to the next seems all so natural. However, I may be rushing towards another season of pain or another season of hurt. I just do not know.  You never can tell about seasons until they creep up on you. Read Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8.

I am determined to make a conscious effort to take one day, one hour, one minute, and one second at a time. What season are you currently experiencing now? What season have you just left behind?

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  1. I feel like I am in an "in-between" season. It's like that time of the year when it's colder than you like, but not as cold as it could be. You know, right before Spring. I am so ready for my Spring!

  2. I so understand. The "in-between" tends to be the longest season at times. Yet, you shouldn't rush through it. You have to deal with it, whether you want to or not.

  3. WHOOO!!! This has got to be a (hate to say it) SIGN that the friendship season I am experiencing personally with someone is over. I mean on Saturday, at a friend's annivesary party for her parents, her brother, a minister, spoke of how genuine people do not understand how people who are not genuine live their lives without being such...they are full of lies trickery, evil, and are ungodly...I am experiencing that right NOW...and then you; not even conciously knowing, but subconciously I KNEW what the verse was in Ecclesiastes, because really when I read the name of the book only one scripture came to mind...I mean this is speaking to my heart bookwormdiva; A season is short and sometimes one of the parties involved in the friendship does not want it to end, but it must, especially when the one who does not want it to end is actually the parasite in the parasitic relationship! I mean this is so amazing to me how I have had two people speak to me not knowing my situation...I want to forgive this person and situation and just move on with my life without them, but for some strange reason they keep latching on, draining me of all the vital fluids I need to be a friend to who may need me the most and not one who needs me leach off the most

  4. You speak of the friendship as draining. I have learned that being drained by someone is not how a friendship should work. When confirmation exists, you should follow it. No matter how much hurt may occur with the separation, you have to do what is best for you overall. In nature, what happens when a parasite is left to live? What happens when a parasite is killed or removed? Think of the end. What do you want to see in the future? Will removing this friend from your life get you there?

  5. Yes, I understand...I see now that I have outgrown the type of behavior that they display and I am not that person...I am slowly realizing it and soon they should too...I try not to judge, but I have to do whats best for me and my life...I want to be there for them because I am nurturing and have a good heart, but I keep getting hurt which is not good for my heart

  6. Being in a friendship should be a equal balance of giving and taking. Being a friend comes natural for some people and not natural for others. Yet, you have to put yourself first. Who will look out for you?

  7. I want to begin with this statement you made:
    Friendships, which I once thrived off of their existence, were only for a season.

    So many people LIVE for "friendships.". But, yes, many friendships are only for a season. Some friendships refuse to let go of you long after you let it go. Being equally yoked is the key to knowing if it is over. Being used. (thinking positively now). Being used. Do that friend need you anymore? Did you get your wear/tear out of that friendship? Who's using who? U may be there to serve or you may be doing the serving. Every friendship must have a benefit for one(or both) parties. Benefits can be SIMPLE, yet beneficial.

    So when u speak of "going with the flow," I agree. Patience. Letting things HAPPEN; yet I must be smart enough to know if I'm just coasting or waiting for the next LOGICALLY move. (A game of chess anyone?)

    Like you, my eyes are also set on new seasons. Yet, logic reminds me that I must first reevaluate the current seasons and close those chapters the RIGHT way. Rushing gets me nowhere. Patients gets me everything I need! 

  8. I am glad that u tecognize the importance of seasons and how they make us grow into better people wish some of my friends recognize the same revelation... You are becoming a wise woman.

  9. @ Cassie - Rushing actually does get you somewhere. Gets you in a big mess. Bigger than what you already had. Chess is the best way to analyze life and the things unfolding in it.

    @Anonymous - Recognizing so much lately has been amazing. I am hoping that my journey can inspire greatness from others.