Silent Reminder

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yesterday, I had to go to the emergency room after work. I went because I was on day two of numbness and tingling in my legs, hands, and feet. I talked to my attorney for my divorce in route to the emergency room. Don't know if that added to the problem, but by the time I was in triage, my blood pressure was 160/99. After getting the shot, I had to drive myself to the pharmacy and wait to get my prescription filled. As I walked through the various isles of CVS to fill the time up until the prescription was ready, I came to a  profound realization. Now that I am in this new position of life, I must do EVERYTHING for myself. Being sick was a silent reminder of this.

Even when I got home, I tried to follow the doctors orders. She prescribed, along with the medication, two hours in the dark (no cell phone, no computer, and no television). I did as I was told. I put on my cute pink eye mask, turned down the AC to a cool temperature, and pulled the thick covers over me. The end result...two hours in the dark with my mind racing uncontrollably. I tried so hard to focus on my breathing, like when I was taking yoga, but I was completely unsuccessful. I did not sleep.  Ironically, I know that if I was at home with my parents, I could have at least sweet talked someone into rubbing my scalp, until I drifted off to dream land. Yet, the reality is no one was at my apartment to massage my scalp and encourage the perfect nap. I was by myself.

Being hours away from home, having no relatives here, and functioning in a world of my own, I am wondering how other people, who live alone, deal with things like sickness or illness. How do you comfort yourself? What are some major obstacles you have discovered since living alone?

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  1. Can't help but think that you make being single look bad. We are all born single and I'm sure it's for a perfect reason. Besides you were first single before you got in a relationship and I'm sure you were doing just great ... and you can do just great or even better now.

  2. Being single is not that bad. Perhaps, the adjustment is more of what I am speaking of.