True Idleness

Friday, March 25, 2011

So, I am sitting in my very own apartment enjoying Twitter and Facebook and felt the urge just to write. This week was a really good week. Getting to work wasn't as chaotic as it normally is. Adjusting to being in my apartment and having complete peace. Surely makes more of a difference than you may believe.

When I pulled into my apartment complex, my children exclaimed, "home sweet home." You won't believe how much that warmed my heart. My children are happy. I am happy. We are happy. God is great!

Lately, people are asking me I does it feel to be single. I don't really "feel" anything. That one aspect doesn't change or define who I am. I am content. That means more to me than having a warm body take up a space in my bed. I have peace of mind.  I like me. I like the direction my life is going. I am embracing life and actually enjoying the journey. Never thought I would every say that.

Tonight is the first time I just "chilled" and detoxed from work. I am always worried about not making the most of my time. I find myself multi-tasking and always working on something. Tonight I did the opposite. I was L - A - Z - Y. Guess what? Taking time to relax and chill isn't all that bad. I have been in the same spot on my sectional for the longest. The best part is that I am content and happy with what is happening at this present moment.

Tonight I have taken the necessary time to unwind and just embrace the value of idleness. Being idle isn't so bad. What have I accomplished?

I have accomplished a lot. Mental unload. Being nosy on Facebook. Flooding timelines with randomness. Yep. Sounds like productivity to me.

What do you know to wind down? How do you feel about relaxing?

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  1. I designate days of laziness. It is so necessary to just rest the mind and chill out from multi-tasking. Glad you discovered this stress-free technique. Now just stick with it!

  2. I am working on sticking to it! I am hoping I don't let idleness get the best of me! :-) What do you do on your days of laziness?

  3. I read, watch DVR'ed shows, stream movies, listen to music, and sleep on my lazy days.