One Word: Blessed

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break has come and gone, almost like an unrecognizable memory.  I spent the majority of my spring break moving my things from the house to my apartment.  I did take a mini-vacation to my parents. The trip to visit my parents is always like heaven. There is nothing like sitting and bathing in unconditional and unspoken love. My family loves me in spite of my mistakes, the messes I have made, and the frustrations I experience. God knew that I needed to be apart of such a wonderful family. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I have had a minor slip-up, in regards to No Spend Month. I made a mistake and went to Starbucks hungry. Such a NO NO. I ended up spending six dollars on breakfast. Lesson learned. I have to use the Free Wifi as much as possible because the usage is draining my air card. I am excited about having internet service again in my apartment. I also slipped up today by buying breakfast from the snack machine. Tonight I will prepare more for tomorrow to ensure that I eat breakfast at home.

In other news, I really had a great day! Work was great and busy, but I really like working at my school. Being an educator there is beyond rewarding. I looked nice. I felt great. People are noticing a difference in me. I hope it isn't my acne. LOL. Oh well! That problem has been taken care of. My lil sister even mentioned to my mom that she notices I am happier now. I am truly happy.  However, most of all I am really really blessed.

Lately, my children and I have been listening to music and National Public Radio instead of watching television, since the television broke. No one complained. Why am I not surprised? We roll with the punches and keep it moving. We just accepted it for what it was. Why complain? I don't watch much television any way, and the time constraints during the week for the children does not result in much television watched. However, tonight that all changed. My friend from Atlanta sent two televisions back to Jackson by her father. Her father dropped those same televisions off to me today. You should have heard my children and their excitement. This same friend has given me a bed and mattress for my sons.  We have been friends since 2000 from Jackson State. God knows I am beyond blessed to have her as a friend. My children were so excited. They asked to call her to say, "Thank you."

Regardless of the hardships and struggles I am experiencing now and will experience in the future, I recognize that I am beyond blessed.  I was able to finish the book "The War of Art" (check out my review on my book blog) because a "twiend" shared the book virtually through the Nook application. Being able to live and breathe in my own space with my three beautiful and thoughtful children is a blessing. Being able to ask friends for help, and they sharing what they have with me is a blessing. Being positive and looking at my future is a blessing. I am blessed. God has blessed. I am blessed.

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  1. We have to exchange e-mail addresses for the sharing feature on our Nooks. I'll send you mine in a DM.

  2. I will be looking forward to it! I am sure you have more on your Nook than I do! :-)