No Storm Lasts Forever

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The title comes from a tweet to me from @duchessdi. She was so thoughtful to care. If you are on twitter, you should follow her. We are a part of a virtual book club, using the hashtag #truthchat.

Since my last post on Saturday, so much has happened in my life. I will try to give you a run-down, and I promise I won't forget to mention my "NO Spend Month." Here goes.

On Sunday, I ended up a coffee shop in Oxford that I did not know existed. Thanks to @southernlgldiva (you should follow her too) I was able to find High Point and use their free Wi-Fi.  I had a minor setback of $3.00. The aroma of coffee and espresso was so hypnotizing that I had to get the Marble Mocha, plus I was not a Starbucks. So I could say it was a necessity right?! (I still haven't been to Starbucks since March 1. I miss it! LOL). I am just saying. Well thanks to the free Wi-Fi, I was able to find an apartment. Within 24 hours of going through my ordeal and moving into an extended-stay hotel, I had an apartment. If I hadn't been at my parents, I could have moved in on Sunday. I bet you can't tell me God is not on time because I WON'T believe you.

On Monday, I moved some of my things in my apartment. I did not spend ANY money on wants! Yay! That felt really great. I had to fight my children to go to sleep. They were so excited and happy. I should have recorded their happiness. They ran from room to room in pure amazement.  Sadly, getting up in the middle of the night brought a discovery of several unwanted pests. I freaked out. I emailed the apartment complex at 4:00 am. However, when I called my mom, she told me that things were okay and would get better. Thankfully they replied, and I was able to work it out to move in a new apartment that was recently renovated.  Look at God!

Then all HELL broke loose. Tuesday was the epitome of trials and tribulations. My children's daycare called and explained that my baby was running a fever of 102.6. I was so unnerved, especially considering of what had been happening and the anticipation of what lay ahead.  I had work due for work, had to move, etc... So I took care of a sick baby, moved all my things in the rain, and tried to calm my nerves. Unfortunately, I ended up soaking wet and more distraught than you could imagine. When I finally finished moving my things, I discovered that the trip to Sam's Club to get free boxes actually costed  something. I had left my wallet with ALL my money in a basket. My heart skipped a beat. I prayed that it would be there. Honestly, I just knew it wasn't because about three hours had lapsed. Fortunately, it was there. God had my back. I was so exhausted and fatigued that I ordered pasta from Pizza Hut for my children to eat.  I lucked up. Thankfully it was only $10.00. Afterward, I tried to get my things together at the apartment and started noticing my baby acting strangely. Even though it was storming, and there were numerous tornado warnings, I had to take my son to the Emergency Room. Thankfully the wait was not long, and the diagnosis was only the flu.

Yesterday, I was productive, even though I had a sick baby. Thanks to a friend I was able to sleep better. I slept for 8 hours straight. I was so refreshed today...and I was ON TIME for work.

Even though this morning I dealt with unnecessary drama, I pressed on.  My oldest called me from work today. He is sick now. Two children are sick, and I am praying that the third doesn't get sick. My home (yes I am already referring to my apartment as my home because it feels like it) smells like Lysol. Thanks to Sams Club.

Some good things did happen today. I received the letter that I will still be at the school I currently work at. Thank God. I really like the school and how effective I am as an educator. I was also offered two classes for the summer at the community college I teach at. Thank God! My ends will meet. I will even have something to save for emergencies, since that fund is almost tapped out. Ironically, I haven't had the urge to go out and spend money trying to decorate to "look big." I have only purchased small items that I needed that I could not function without. I am hoping next month will be easier. Thankfully I am glad I decided to do two months of "NO Spend Month."

So long story short, I have been holding on during a chaotic and uncertain storm. Yet this storm will one day be over. This morning I felt sorry for myself. Why me? What inspired a change in my attitude? After testing my students today, they wanted to stay and just talk to me. Hearing what they are dealing with right now, I am being selfish. It could be so much worse. I could not have my old apartment. I could be sitting in a hospital or a jail. I could be without my children. I could not have had the funds to move. I could have succumb to depression. Yet, none of this happen. I kept moving on.

Eventually, this storm will be over. I will be back on top. My funds will be replenished. My apartment will be fully furnished. My life will not be continuously chaotic. I am a solider. I look back at my track record. Since dealing with my ex, I have been to hell and back. Yet, I learned that during my 20s. With this being my last year in my 20s, I think I am headed in the right direction.  I know that I made the right decision.  I am positive that things will get better. The "pity party" is over. Time to regain focus.

As you can see, once I am focused, things flow.  As I am lying down on my carpet in my OWN home, I feel blessed. God is amazing. He may not come every single time, but he always comes when we need Him. With God on my side and the outpour of friends and family, I will be back on top. I have faith that I will keep striving towards a fulfilled life and TRUE happiness.

What inspires you? What motivates you? What brings you down? How do you get through your trials and tribulations?

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  1. Life inspires me. I just enjoy the "newness" of everyday! Seeing my daughter grow, vicariously experiencing the lives of my students, and being around people motivates me. Prayer, family, and friends get me through life's challenges. I know in my heart, that no matter what I am going through, God WILL bring me out of it. Think about it, has He ever not? I do not take that for granted. I try to live my life the best way He would want me to, but I am also of flesh, I am human, I make mistakes. Learning from them helps me to grow and I know that change is right around the corner. LIVE LOVE LIFE! the fullest!

  2. I love this snapshot into your life. I found out a few things I didn't know before and it makes me admire you all the more. God is on your side. That's winning!

  3. May Jah Bless you my Beautiful Blk Sista'. Holding Faith in Jah will lead you into the direction you are deserving of. Jah saw you holding your ground, your faith and your love for Him. I Love to see my People stand strong to withhold all the calamity that is put before us. The Respect and Love you showed for your Children is also Respected by this strong Blk Brotha'. We need our Beautiful Blk Queens. I do apologize for my Blk Brotha's who do not give my Sista's their deserving respect. My Brotha's we have to step up and hold it down.
    I notice my Beautiful Blk Sista' did not mention a Blk Man in her life or her childrens lives. No one to stand and hold her during her hard times. Step up Brotha's. If it was your boys you would have been there.

    Much Love, Honor and DEEP Respect

  4. Thank you both for your encouragement! I am on my way to doing great things!