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Friday, March 04, 2011

This morning, as I was driving through my subdivision, my "yard sale" radar went off. Usually when I see the signs before work, I make a mental note to stop by them once I get off.  This time no mental note was made. I drove right past it when I got home. Yep. I am disciplined. Ummm. Well sometimes.... LOL.

Did you know I almost failed the challenge today? Groupon almost won.  They had a coupon for 50% off services at the AQUA Day Spa. Now, you know I have been so stressed. Paying $60 instead of $120 would have been perfect.  I texted a friend about it. Hoping the response would confirm that purchasing this spa treatment was a necessity. Guess what? The response was wait til April. Shoot! That friend is so logical. I couldn't help but retreat into my "No Spending Month" corner. Well, since I couldn't buy it. I decided to send the coupon to deserving friends, whom I know needed a massage or to be pampered.  Wasn't that thoughtful of me?! I just couldn't let that deal go unused.  Side Note: If you are reading this and want a link to the coupon, just email me. I got you! :-) My friends are being so supportive of me and my efforts. Thank God for friends, who appreciate you striving for a better and different lifestyle.  My friends are the best!

Yep...the title of this post is right. I spent some money today. On what you ask? Groceries and gas was the only thing I bought. Spending $24 on groceries and $46 on gas both at Sam's Club (my favorite spot), I cheered myself on. I was so proud of me. Why? I did not yield to temptation.  I did not purchase anything that I did not need. I diligently wrote a list (well my oldest son did), while my other children made suggestions that helped to form a useful list of what we needed at home. Ironically, we didn't need much.

As I drove up to the gas pump at Sam's Club, I realized something. That was my first time going to the gas station this week.  Wow! I usually pull up to a gas station at least 2 times a week to fill up my Impala.  Since I have decided on not spending money this month, I have shortened my trips. Shockingly, I was making an unconscious effort to control where I was going. I did not do the "run-errands and then pick up the kids" trips. I planned out my driving.  I drive weekly to Yazoo City to teach on Wednesday nights, and I still didn't have to make numerous trips to the gas station. Yay!

So I am doing pretty good with this monitoring my spending.  My dad was shocked and proud when I told him today I haven't spent the emergency money I hid. Normally, I hide the money and find it without spending it on an emergency.  Ha! I still have the money. Yep. I am on POINT!

Let's see...what else can I share. Oh yeah! A friend of mine called today. She made me feel like I had won a million dollars. She just called to share her thoughts about me. I really "Heart" her and hope our friendship continues to grow. I would love to be like her "when I grow up." She has two successful businesses, she is a mother, and she is "TINY." She can wear amazing clothing. Oh, I forgot to! Her hair and nails always are so well-taken care of! I am so glad she is my friend.

Today was so productive at work. My job is demanding this time of year, but silly me, I like that craziness. I had an interview to keep my job at the school yesterday. We will find out on Wednesday, if we are to remain or to go to a different school. Either way it goes...I am blessed. Stuff happens. God never changes. Everything happens for a reason.

So how was your day? Did a friend show you they value your friendship?

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