Another New Beginning: My Garden

Monday, March 28, 2011

On yesterday, I saw that I still had some plants, chives, green tea, sage, and peppermint, still alive in my garden at the house. After noticing a vacant spot on my patio at my apartment, I uprooted them and planted them in it. This garden symbolizes so much for me. I uprooted from my house and came to this apartment. Once I started digging and removing the debris, just like in my life, I noticed that the vacant spot actually contained fertile soil.  As I continue my transition to what once was and what will be, my garden will be my encouragement to keep going. Despite the fact that these plants had some hard times, they made it through, just like me.  Now that I have uprooted them and put them in fertile soil, their ability to  grow is limitless.  My plants and I will be growing together at our new home.  Each time I open the blinds to my patio, I will be reminded of the importance of a new beginning.  Irronically, four people live in my apartment, and four plants are still alive. Hmmm. This just makes you think huh?  

What is new in your life? Have you turned a new life?  Are you evolving and growing? Share your story!

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