24 Hours

Thursday, March 03, 2011

So amazing how 24 hours can transform you.  I had an amazing day today! No inhaler, even though I did suffer the sniffles thanks to the wonderful pollen. However, no chest pains and no aches. Yay, me!

As I am writing this blog, I am jamming to The Neville Brothers, "Live on Planet Earth," tape cassette. Yep, I have a 5 in one player with a turntable! Talk about awesome.

Well you are not reading to hear about all that. You are reading to find out if I spent any money today! Guess what... I DID NOT SPEND A DIME! Aren't you proud of me?

One thing about me you may not know is that I really don't care for being domestic. I HAAAATE washing dishes. I love love the person, who created the dishwasher. They are my friend. (Need to look that up). Yeah, I know. A shame. Due to this NO SPEND MONTH that arrogant attitude is gone.  We are out of dishwasher detergent. I have a huge container of commercial dishwashing liquid from Sams that has not been used. Instead of rushing to Dollar General Store to get my dishwasher detergent, I pulled out the dishwashing liquid. Public Service Announcement: I WASHED DISHES. I washed dishes with my bare hands. Can you believe it? Me either! My children saw me and decided to take over. LOL. They know their mother oh so well. LOL. They know me oh so well.

Additionally, I was running behind this morning, and I didn't get to pack my lunch. Did I worry? I surely didn't. I keep a box of Fiber One bars from Sams, as well as a case of water from Sams in my trunk. So I was good.  I am finding that I am feeling really good about not spending money. I don't have a problem now telling the children, "NO, we are not going to McDonalds, tonight." My response is that I am cooking tonight. Their response is, "YAY!" So my children are excited about me cooking... NOTE TO SELF: I need to do better.

Even my some friends are participating along with me. Several friends have sent me a text me to let know that they did not spend money or to let me know that they are making a conscious effort to monitor their spending. One friend cooked yesterday instead of going to buy pizza. I was so proud.  That's what good friends do. They help each other achieve goals and improve their way of life.

Oh, I did get my chocolate almond bar today. My coworker gave me one. I devoured it like it was the last piece of food on Earth. I think that chocolate bar was perhaps the best one I have ever had. Maybe it was so good because I needed a chocolate fix or because I did not pay for it. Either way, IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOODDD!

You just don't know how great I feel today. Work wasn't as overwhelming. I had a plan, and I effectively executed my plan. Thank God for EXCEL. That software is amazing.

How was your day today? Did you spend any money? What did you spend money on? What's a financial goal you have?

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